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Need a reason to feel brilliant? Just look at how clever your body is.

Recently, I started my Master of Chinese Medicine at the University of Western Sydney, kicking off the study with a Women’s Health unit.  As many of you know, I have a special professional interest in working with women’s health and reproductive medicine (which yes, also includes men’s health – after all it takes those first two cells to tango).  Already I find this subject fascinating with endless possibilities for chinese medicine research.

In giving a talk about the application of acupuncture on pregnancy and birth to a roomfull of midwives (through the lovely people at Capers Bookstore) on Friday, I remembered this wonderful video that was shown to us during the masters workshop on women’s health.

If you are not feeling incredibly clever right now, the mathematician Alexander Tsiaras will leave you with no doubt that the way you were formed in your mother’s womb was nothing short of brilliance.

Enjoy this beautiful presentation.

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