Fertility & pregnancy

Dr Sarah George (Acupuncture) thoroughly enjoys her work helping new parents to conceive, throughout pregnancies, in preparation for birth and in the post partum recovery period. Assisting a dearly-wanted, new life to come into being is the most wonderful thing! And being there to offer support to new parents through the happy and sad times is equally as important. She brings her enthusiasm and knowledge for this area of Chinese Medicine to her sessions at midwifery conferences, festival presentations, during her time lecturing to acupuncture students and of course in her clinic! These days her practice is dedicated to fertility, pregnancy and women’s health support. Sarah always takes an individualised approach to each person she sees.

This is a busy clinic, so if you want to book in with Sarah for fertility acupuncture, IVF acupuncture, pregnancy acupuncture, prebirth acupuncture or postpartum acupuncture we recommend booking at least 6 weeks in advance of your ideal treatment start date, although sometimes last minute appointments can be accomodated. You can contact Sarah here to book your initial consultation.

Fertility acupuncture

For her entire career as an acupuncturist, Sarah has spent the bulk of her practice on assisting people with fertility and pregnancy. Fertility acupuncture, pregnancy acupuncture and pre-birth acupuncture are areas Sarah absolutely adores working in. She brings years of training, knowledge and experience to the people who seek her assistance. She loves to teach you about your menstrual cycle and how sperm are made to ensure you are well informed. Her masters study at Western Sydney University included a deep analysis of fertility and IVF support from both Chinese Medicine and western biolological perspectives.

She has years of experience supporting people who have been diagnosed with a condition contributing to subfertility or infertility (such as endometriosis, PCOS, low AMH, a thin endometrium, low sperm count or poor sperm motility) or have been given the diagnosis of ‘unexplained infertility’.

Sarah understands the struggles conceiving with or without IVF or other ART procedures. She has supported both partners, single parents, surrogates, donors and people needing assistance with a wide variety of medical and other reasons for assistance.

IVF acupuncture

With over 14 years experience supporting people undering IVF and ART procedures, Sarah has a thorough knowledge of what is involved and the support required. She is familiar with the evidence base and protocols around IVF procedures to provide the best supportive care. In fact, for the first six years of Sarah’s career she worked within walking distance of three Brisbane IVF clinics supporting her patients in the lead up to IUI, ICSI, egg pickup (egg collection) and embryo transfer (fresh and frozen cycles). Sarah has attended seminars presented by IVF clinics, has toured an IVF clinic and has spent countless hours understanding ART procedures from both a western and Chinese medical perspective attending a variety of workshops, seminars and masterclasses with well respected teachers.

Regardless of the way that you conceive your child, Sarah will provide the support that is appropriate to your situation.

Pregnancy acupuncture

In pregnancy, Sarah enjoys providing supportive care in a new pregnancy in that sometimes nervewracking first trimester. She has many years’ experience assisting women with the musculoskeletal pains that may occur during pregnancy (such as lower back and pelvic pain). Many women find acupuncture a relaxing treatment to support them during their pregnancy and most woman would describe the experience as both relaxing and nurturing.

Sarah can also teach you to use moxa where applicable to support your pregnancy.

Pre-birth acupuncture and acupuncture induction

You may have heard of an acupuncture induction for labour. Well the truth is that a single or couple of treatments around your due date is really not an effective way to prepare for a good birth. However, if you would like the best of what acupuncture has to offer for prebirth support (including relaxing your mind and preparing the muscles around your pelvis in advance of the birth), Sarah recommends weekly sessions from 36 weeks gestation and will be guided by the information you recieve about the health of you and your baby from your obstetric or midwifery appointments to ensure you have individualised care. Sarah has attended a Spinning Babies workshop and other acupuncture birth preparation courses with some of the leading teachers in the world.

Sarah can also teach you and your birth partner acupressure for use in labour.

Postpartum acupuncture

Chinese Medicine has a long history of caring for women in the postpartum period. You may have heard of zuo ye zi or doing the month. Sarah brings the principles of this to her treatments in a modern and individualised way to help every new mother feel cared for and nurtured in her recovery.

Contact Sarah here to book your initial consultation.