Green, chai or herbal? Enjoy the clinic tea menu at home.

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Organic Hojicha (Japanese popcorn green tea)

It’s no surprise to many of you who visit my clinic that I am a big fan of tea. I love it. Often when you visit the clinic, until recent times, you’ve been able to sip away at a nicely brewed cuppa before or after your acupuncture appointment. I see this as a really lovely moment to reflect and just be; to enjoy the moment. You can also do this at home or work.

And although I love most tea, my favourites are good quality loose leaf teas. One reason I love loose leaf teas is that they are more environmentally friendly, with less waste created due to the lack of a tea bag. The other thing I love about loose leaf tea is that you get to see the herbs unfurl as they ‘dance’ in the hot water within your cup.

Each of the teas in my clinic are chosen by me, because I like them enough to drink them myself. I also like to choose high quality, organic, ethical or wild crafted teas where possible.

The Clinic Loose Leaf Tea Menu

To place an order call 0448 128 858 or email me. Collect in clinic at your appointment or I can express post to you for $12.

Teas healthwise herbal teaHerbal teas

HealthWise Clinic (organic, medicinal grade herbs formulated by qualified herbalists)

  • Cold & Flu Tea: A feel-good blend of echinacea, yarrow, elder flowers, thyme, licorice and ginger. ($15/50g)\
  • Cool, Calm & Collected Tea: A relaxing, non-sedating blend of chamomile, passiflora, vervain, lemon balm, lemon verbena, lemon myrtle and cinnamon. ($15/50g)
  • Detoxification Tea: A purifying blend of burdock root, nettle, oregon grape, clivers, peppermint and ginger. ($15/50g)
  • Digestive Tea: A delicious blend of peppermint, chamomile, ginger, cinnamon, aniseed and chen pi (mandarin peel). ($15/50g)
  • Kidney Tea: A cleansing blend of buchu, echinacea, couch grass, uva ursi and licorice. ($15/50g)

Thrive by Nature (hand-blended in small batches from organically grown and/or wildcrafted ingredients by a naturopath)

  • Reviver Tea: A refreshing, warming and zesty brew of lemongrass, ginger and calendula flowers that packs a punch of antioxidants. ($16/55g)

Teas the steepery green and oolong teasGreen and Oolong teas

The Steepery Tea Co. has curated a selection of exceptional pure leaf teas from a variety of the world’s tea producing regions, identifying those teas that are characteristic of where they are produced, showcase the skill of the tea maker and exhibit remarkable flavour profiles to allow you to experience the diversity of single-origin tea.

  • Tokujo Sencha: A pure and clean green tea. A delightful and uplifting green tea that has a delicious savoury liquor and semi-sweet finish. This is a great introductory Japanese green tea as it is very well balanced. ($17/50g)
  • Organic Genmaicha “popcorn green tea”: An aromatic combination of organic first flush sencha with the nutty aroma of roasted kernels of organic brown rice. ($14/50g)
  • Organic Hojicha “roasted green tea”: A rich and rounded infusion with a sweet biscuity aroma reminiscent of roasted nuts and toast. Produced using the first flush of sencha that is delicately roasted. ($14/50g)
  • Jasmine Dragon Pearls: Delicate Fuding Spring green tea has been scented traditionally with Guangxi jasmine flowers. This scented green tea is creamy, luscious and refreshing with a long sweet finish ($17/25g)
  • Oolong tea “da hong pao – big red robe” A rich, full bodied and complex oolong tea. Spice, wood, mineral, floral and tobacco notes combine to leave a lingering creamy cocoa sweetness in the mouth. ($19/25g)

Thrive by Nature (hand-blended in small batches from organically grown and/or wildcrafted ingredients by a naturopath)

  • Afternoon delight: This is a delicate and relaxing blend of green sencha tea, chamomile flowers and rose petals that naturally supports concentration, focus and adaption to stress. ($16/55g)

Teas Thrive by Naturre herbal green chaiChai teas (caffeine free – herbal blends without camellia sinensis ‘true’ tea leaves)

Thrive by Nature (hand-blended in small batches from organically grown and/or wildcrafted ingredients by a naturopath)

  • Dandy-tum: An aromatic and detoxifying chai blend that will warm your belly and leave you feeling balanced and inspired. Contains dandelion root, cinnamon, ginger, cardamon, aniseed, cloves, turmeric and black pepper. ($22/140g)
  • Rooibos chai: This exotic, spicy blend is based on the authentic Indian masala chai and is high in antioxidants. Contains cloves, cardamom, rooibos, ginger, cinnamon and star anise. ($22/140g)

To place an order call 0448 128 858 or email me.

There are just so many reasons to love tea, including these:

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