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COVID-19 update: my Acupuncture clinic reopens 15th June!

Just a heads up: this is a long but useful post, I suggest you make a cuppa to sip on while you are reading.

House of Prana from right

With the Tasmanian Government’s recent announcement of the Roadmap to Recovery, I am excited to announce that my clinic will reopen it’s physical doors for acupuncture appointments on 15th June, in line with Stage Two! Of course, this is dependent on government advice, but it feels good to give you all a date to put in your diaries. I’ll be in touch soon with information on booking.

While I had hoped I may be able to provide acupuncture treatments sooner than this, the reality is that the building where the clinic is located is a wellness centre, managed by the great team at the yoga studio. When the yoga studio is permitted to operate (as Stage Two is given the green light on 15th June), then a coordinated plan with the individual health businesses within the building and the spaces they all share will be actively implemented, for the safety of everyone who uses the building. We will work as a team to make House of Prana a low risk environment that also feels warm and welcoming to visit.

First do no harm

In every treatment, a practitioner must always weigh up benefit versus potential harm. Your health and the safety of our community is my top priority. For this reason, until the House of Prana is open for business and a COVID safety plan is in place for everybody using the space, then we cannot permit the space to be used as a clinic. The novel coronavirus is a highly contagious and potentially fatal pathogen for some in our community, so this harm is a possibility that must be taken seriously.

Restrictions are easing but the virus has not changed

Many countries in the world have experienced a second wave of COVID-19 cases. We do not want that to happen here in Australia, yes it is possible. And winter is also on the way with the usual winter cold and flu infections expected. Basically, this is not the time to reduce social distancing or relax hygiene standards. By all means, enjoy the freedoms we have been allowed in stage one, just do it safely.

How am I preparing for reopening?

Before the clinic temporarily closed I had already completed the Australian Government’s COVID-19 infection control program for health practitioners. Since then I have completed a further two hours of training in an international webinar addressing practice guidelines for acupuncturists returning to work with the view to maintaining a high level of infection control to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Additionally, I am reviewing my general Infection Control Management Plan and implementing a further COVID-19 Pandemic Workplace Safety Plan. Personal protective Equipment (PPE) which has been scarce to find (as I’m sure you’ve heard in the news), is being sourced for the return to clinic.

The House of Prana team are working together regularly to implement these safety plans throughout the centre for it’s reopening in June. We are excited (as you can see from our Zoom meeting photo!)

Are you pregnant, undergoing IVF, trying to conceive or in need of Chinese Medicine help for your health now?

Please do reach out to me if you are pregnant and needing support, or are preparing for the birth of your child, if you’re undergoing IVF or trying to conceive naturally, or perhaps you’re struggling with stress, sleep disturbances, digestive issues, low energy or pain. You are not facing this on your own.

I can still assist you through a Chinese Medicine telehealth consultation right now or provide an appropriate referral if other services are required. And until the clinic physically reopens for acupuncture the fees for Chinese Medicine telehealth consultations remain lower than those for acupuncture consultations (initial telehealth consultations are $100 and follow up telehealth consultations are $50). A video explaining how telehealth operates is here and further information is here.

If you need repeats of your herbs, supplements, moxa sticks or teas from the clinic tea menu you can take advantage of my free delivery service within Launceston (postcodes: 7248, 7249 & 7250) or I can express post them to you for $12. I’m regularly out doing deliveries these days and will continue until I return to clinic. You can place an order by contacting me via phone or email.

To book a Chinese Medicine telehealth consultation online please click here or contact me.

What else have I been doing?

It was actually an enormous task to dismantle the clinic and dispensary, bringing important items and the dispensary home and setting up telehealth consultations. I’ve created new information sheets for a variety of clinical areas to support the people who use my services.

I’ve also been keeping my skills sharp and up to date by undergoing several courses including a brilliant 3 day seminar on Chinese Medicine techniques for pregnancy and birth (with an online study group too). I have so much to share with women who are in need of Chinese Medicine obstetric (and gynaecology) support. Other study I have coming up to blend into my clinic work when I’m back is completing the Mental Health First Aid course, something we may need more than ever right now, and taking part in UTAS’ The Wellbeing Toolkit.

I’m also taking an active role in the Acupuncture Now Foundation. The purpose of this organisation is to find and provide the high level evidence for the use of acupuncture and share it widely amounting to a more well-informed community.

There’s also two podcasts/facebook lives that I have been involved in. The first was with a chat about fertility and pregnancy, Chinese Medicine and COVID-19 times with the wonderful fertility naturopath, Jaclyn Harris. You can catch the conversation on my Facebook page. The second was with Shahna Sarpi on the Nutrition Grad Guide podcast which is aimed at mentoring new health practitioners to start up their clinics (coming soon).

Like a lot of you, I’m also trying to keep up with daily exercise (I’m loving the online qigong available), cooking healthy food, starting a new veggie garden, sewing and staying in touch (from a distance) with people I care about.

What about some positive, feel good vibes?

Well we have read, seen and experienced some beautiful stories to warm our hearts in this time, like:

And I have to draw your attention to this gorgeous little Australian youtube series, called Love in Lockdown. You’ll recognise the Aussie actors and be able to relate to so many of the things that have defined lockdown for us. It’s clever, funny, adorable, topical and each episode is only 7 minutes!


Most of all, I wish for you and your loved ones, that you stay safe and well. Let’s all work together, support the local businesses, artists and musicians, and help those who are vulnerable, because we are all in this together. Let’s do what we can to create a ‘new normal’ that works well for all of us.

See you back in clinic via telehealth now or for acupuncture next month. I’ll be in touch with more news on the reopening soon. Stay well.