Yes, our acupuncturists are committed to COVID Safe

As we have just said goodbye to 2020 and welcomed in 2021 (with both caution and enthusiasm), we wanted to assure everyone who comes to this Launceston acupuncture clinic that we are still operating completely under our COVID Safe Plan and Infection Control Management Plan.

We have had it pretty lucky here in Launceston (and Tasmania), while our borders are open (although changing all the time depending on health advice) there is always the risk of the novel coronavirus making a return to our shores as the world still works to overcome a global pandemic.

We are very much looking forward to providing you with the best of acupuncture care again this year. We believe in the fundamental principle of ‘first do no harm‘ so to protect our patients in the best way we can, while maintaining a calm and friendly environment, some of the steps we continue to take are:

  • Screen ourselves for symptoms, including monitoring temperatures each day before work.
  • Isolate at home and get a COVID test should we experience any sign of a cold or flu symptom, until we receive a negative test or no longer present with symptoms (whichever happens last).
  • Socially distance with other staff.
  • Clean and disinfect treatment rooms between patients, including complete linen change (processed by a commercial laundry). Additional time is allowed for the cleaning and airing of the treatment space.
  • Socially distance during the spoken component of the consultation, wear a face shield while conducting tongue examination and pulse palpation, and then wear a face mask at all times we are within 1.5m of you (which is during your treatment).
  • Monitor government advice in relation to changes to business operations, health alerts and border changes.
  • Open and close doors for you. No need to touch a door handle in the treatment rooms.
  • Contribute to regular commercial cleaning of the shared spaces within the clinic.

We ask that anyone attending the clinic continues to:

  • Complete our COVID screening form emailed to you the day before your appointment
  • Advise us prior to their appointment if they are experiencing any cold or flu symptoms, have had exposure to anyone with COVID symptoms or is required to isolate or quarantine.
  • Stay home and get a COVID test if you experience cold or flu symptoms. You can organise this by calling the Tasmanian Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738.
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided (take enough to stay wet in your hands for 20 seconds) as you enter the House of Prana.
  • Undertakes a quick screening process and temperature check in the ground floor foyer of House of Prana at the time of your appointment. There’s no longer a waiting area here so just turn up at the time of your appointment.
  • Take a tissue (provided in each room) to cover your mouth and nose should you have an uncharacteristic sneeze or cough. Use hand sanitiser straight afterwards.

The steps we’ve outlined above ensure that we can provide the best of acupuncture care to you while minimising the chance of infection spread.

We wish that this year, you can assess the services you require to feel happy and well, and that you, your loved ones and our community can thrive.

If you have any questions about our COVID Safe Plan please feel free to contact us.