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Acupuncture appointments are back in Launceston! Bookings open now.

Bookings openIt makes me incredibly happy to announce that my Launceston acupuncture clinic is reopening on Monday 15th June. And bookings are now open.

As you know, I take your health extremely seriously (it’s my job after all), and so together with the team at House of Prana, I’ve implemented the following procedures to keep my clinic a low risk environment where you can get the best of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine health care.

To do this, you’ll notice a few things are different since last you visited. None of this has been easy or quick to achieve; I’ve attended every infection control webinar I can and have written a comprehensive COVID Safe Plan but it is worth it to keep everyone who visits my clinic as safe as possible. Until we are notified by government otherwise, we’ll have the following measures in place:

COVID-19 Screening Questions
You’ll receive these with your appointment reminder emails. Please complete them via the online link prior to your appointment. If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions I’ll be in touch to discuss how I can offer you care in the safest way.
On arriving at House of Prana, everyone will again be asked the screening questions before attending appointments and classes.

Sanitise your hands on entry
Hand sanitiser will be available to everyone who enters the building. Please sanitise your hands allowing 20-30 seconds while your rub your hands thoroughly and allow them to dry.
Hand sanitiser will be available at multiple points in the building so make use of it anytime you need to.

I’ll meet you at the foyer on ground floor
There’s no need to arrive early for your appointment, just show up right on time to the ground floor foyer and I’ll come and collect you for your appointment. The waiting area upstairs will not be in use during this time.

Fewer appointments available
I’m changing the way I practice at least until the pandemic infection control plan is running effectively and efficiently. To achieve this, I will only be using one room for appointments with a greater space between each appointment to allow for pandemic level infection control procedures (including disinfection and a complete change of linen) to be carried out.
I look very forward to being able to offer more appointments in the future.

New hours June 2020
After hours appointments
I have continued to offer one later finish each week, on Wednesdays. I ask that you only take these appointments if this is absolutely the only time you can make.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)
You’ll noticed the use of more PPE in clinic. The reason for this is most of our interactions will be for longer than 15 minutes and closer than 1.5m.

Chinese Medicine Telehealth consultations still available
If you can’t or don’t want to visit the clinic physically, and you would like to have a Chinese Medicine consultation via telehealth you are still welcome to do so. Now that acupuncture appointments are available telehealth consultation fees will be in line with those for acupuncture: Initial consultation $150 and Follow up consultation $100. Sadly and despite lobbying by my association, I have been advised that health fund rebates do not apply to telehealth consultations.

Herb, supplement and tea orders collections
For your ease during the pandemic I have grown my dispensary so that most of the items I prescribe are available in one place. You can pick up your herbs, supplements and teas at your consultation but if you need to place an order to be collected at another time, please arrange a time that you can meet me in the foyer of House of Prana to collect. Once I am back in clinic I am unable to continue local deliveries although I can still post your order (postal charges continue to apply).

I’m really looking forward to seeing you
It’s been difficult being an acupuncturist who is not physically in clinic, so I can’t wait to be back in my rooms helping you to feel the best that you can. I’ve used this time to prepare the best Infection Control Management and COVID Safe Plan that I can and update my skills and knowledge to enhance my clinic outcomes, particularly in the areas of:

  • Pregnancy support and birth preparation (3 day course with the wonderful Claudia Citkovitz)
  • IVF support (review of evidence based treatment)
  • Vulval conditions involving ulceration including genital herpes, lichen planus and lichen sclerosis (through Intimate Ecology)
  • The health benefits of tea (Chinese Medicine course)
  • I’m also continuing UTAS’ Wellbeing Toolkit

If you have any questions about any of the content above please contact me. There are a lot of new procedures and I’m really happy to help in any way I can. If in doubt, just ask.

And the fastest way to book in is to click here (available 24/7), otherwise contact me on 0448 128 858 or by email

Until I see you next, take care, be kind to yourself and look after each other.

To book an appointment at the Launceston acupuncture clinic or for further information on Chinese Medicine contact Dr Sarah George (Acupuncture).  Sarah is a practitioner of acupuncture (AHPRA registered), Chinese Medicine and natural health.