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Happy New Year of the Fire Monkey!

Today is the first day of the lunar new year, this year being the Fire Monkey.

The energy of this year is fast, fun and showy, it’s passionate and adventurous, and will favour those  with ambition. It might be a good year to take up some meditation to balance all of that Yang energy!

Red and gold chrysanthemums (ju hua) are good luck charms. I whipped up an origami one for this post. Origami is an excellent mindfulness activity and is another good activity to balance the Yang.

Here’s some more on how to live well during the Fire Monkey year.

And lastly here are some funny horoscopes by SBS’s Lee Lin Chin. We should be laughing during the Fire Monkey year too.

Wishing you good luck, great adventures and plenty of opportunities to shine this year.

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