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Rosewater, cardamom and pistachio treats

What is the perfect sweet ending to a curry night where most of the guests are health conscious and/or have food intolerances?  Rosewater, cardamom and pistachio shortbread.  These biscuits captured the flavours of Indian sweets whilst satisfying all of our  special diets and requirements.  They were also not too sweet and as you’ll read below, nice little digestive aids.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine the key ingredients in this recipe have the following properties:

  • Rose – Moves the Qi.  Specifically indicated for digestive and menstrual disorders, as well as depression.
  • Cardamom – Warming, acrid and slightly bitter.  It stimulates digestion.
  • Pistachio – Neutral temperature.  They are sweet, slightly bitter and moisten the lungs and skin, purify the blood and lubricate the intestines.

Here’s the recipe.

I added a teaspoon more rosewater which made all the difference.  I may also be inclined to adding an extra 1 – 1/2 teaspoon cardamom next time.

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